lördag 30 juli 2011

Project of the week - Moneybox

We all need to save a little something, right? So why not make a pretty little moneybox for our savings? This is what we have done to inspire you this week!

Let's show you the DT's work right away!!!

Here's a little piggybank, literally! The little pig in papier mache has been decorated with quite a lot of stamps...
Sentiment: lycka till, swirlig (T45)
Horse shoe (A27)

A Pringles can has got a new life as a moneybox...
Butterfly (A61)

She made a little box with an easily removable lid... (I don't know if that's good when it comes to saving money though...! ;)
Owlcouple (K13)

She altered a Prima Flower jar that she wants to use when she puts her cards out for sale at work!

Lilla Jag
She did an altered tin for her extravaganzes... :)

I also altered a tin, mine used to have sweets in it and it had a plastic lid, perfect for cutting a slit into... I wanted somewhere to put my money that I make selling my cards, so that I can use it to buy crafty little things...
San's tag (S53)

That was all from us today, we hope that you've enjoyed our little project and that you perhaps have gotten a few ideas of you own?
Take care!

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  1. Vilka underbara sparbössor! Grisen är ju helt kanon! =)


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