onsdag 20 juli 2011

Lantern with Vilma and Vilgot

I get a lot of inspiration from Stempeleinmaleins, and the other day they made lanterns. It took me straight back to my early school years when we had a day set aside for crafting near christmas. We made candles and gingerbread cookies and also this type of lanterns. Although we used coloured tissuepaper instead of acetate, but the principle is the same. This is just a more grown up version really.
The windows are embossed with a cuttlebug embossingfolder, and I have used my new leaf punches! For a long time I've been ogling these punches, and now I couldn't resist any longer! I bought them. Well, I think they will be very useful.
The stamp I've used is Vilma and Vilgot. I use these little angels (there are more of them) from time to time, mostly when I'm in a hurry!!! They are so easy to colour, and they go with most anything.
On the back of the lantern I made a bow and a little flower arrangement, again using my new punches!
And then I turned all the lights off, lit the little tea light candle inside and look! My little angels are glowing! :D
Just remember never to leave burning lights unattended if you do one of these lanterns! It's a small box made from paper, it will go up in flames if you are not careful!!!

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