lördag 2 juli 2011

Veckans projekt: bakelse/fancy cake

Hi there!

Summer and vacation means a lot of coffee breaks. What can be better than a home-made cake that almost last for ever and with no calories at all?! This is what we're going to show you today, just enjoy =)
It would be fun to hear which one's your favourite so leave us a comment if you feel like it!! We love to hear from you =)
Enough talking, let's enjoy some cake!

Elli has made a muffin, using one of the newest texts on the sign: "Grattis, mörk bakgrund"

Tesa also put a sign on her muffin, she used "Kram på dig".

Her muffin is also a sort of box where you can put a small gift, clever and cute!

Pippin has made a flowerish muffin with a little secret.....

If you pull out the top-rose you'll find a small message: "Hjärtliga gratulationer"

Christina made a delicious piece of cake. She used a part of "Vera som suprice-dam".

She also made room for a little gift: the cake is a box that opens at the back!

Finally I made a sort of Easel-card with cake and candle. On my card I put the cute "Älva Freja på mage" together with "Ett stort grattis".

We hope you have enjoyed our little coffee break and hopefully found some inspiration to make some cakes of your own. It's great fun =)

Hugs, Monica

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