lördag 16 juli 2011

Project of the week

This week we decided that the project should be bottle tags with a twist and this is what the design team made! They are all with little pockets or hidden places to put stuff in for that extra surprise when you give it away together with a bottle of your choice :)

She made a little opening in her tag that could fit a round chocolate piece.
The stamps she used is called  klocka med tillhörande visare and the text njut av varje ögonblick

In her tag you can fit maybe a lottery ticket
The stamp she used is called Chris design- Vera gungar
 She made on that can hold some money you role them up and put them behind the text banner.
The stamp she used is called Gratulerar snirklig

In her tag you can put lager stuff like some sweets or maybe some pearls and other scrapping stuff :) 
The stamp she used is called Blomsterhörne1

And last out is me I made a tag with the thought to put a bag of seeds in it but of course you can use it to put other things in it to lottery ticket, travel tickets or maybe a concert ticket :)
The stamps I have used is called Sans tag and the text Lycka till


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  1. Åh så många fina flasketiketter!!!

  2. Wow! Såå många fina alster! Härlig inspiration!


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