lördag 23 juli 2011

Veckans projekt: shaker-box

This week me and some of my DT-friends have been playing with shaker-boxes. It's a fun way to decorate your crafting!
We've mostly used pearls in our boxes but everything goes: candy, paperclips, tinsel, rice/pasta or coins perhaps. Only your imagination and of course the size of the box is the limit =)

Now it's showtime!

Tesa made a five-angled box with lots and lots of small flowers on the lid. In the box she stamped "Hipp hipp hurra" and filled the shakerbox with pearls. So pretty with all the flowers and a perfect giftbox!

Pippin made a summer-card with sweet "Vera på bryggan". She put Vera in the box and filled it with water-like pearls and tinsel. She also painted a beautiful sky behind Vera!

Elli made her daughter a cute little jewellery box. On the lid you find "Fideli med trollspö".
Can't be too much pink and glitter when it comes to small ladies I think!

Here comes a closer look at Fideli and the pink pearls in the shaker-box.

Bic made a card for a brand new baby. She used "Baby-knyte", "Grattis till bäbisen" and the stains from "Klockbakgrund" around the edges. I like how she put crackle accents around half the blue circle!

I made a small card, only 10*10cm. In the box you find "Njut av varje ögonblick". I filled the box with micropearls, glitter and sugarpearls, the ones meant to put on cakes or ice-cream.

As you can see the shaker-box is attached to the card with the help of magnetic tape. Under the box I stamped "Du gör mej glad". The magnetic tape was a bit too black so I put a flowery tape on top of it =).

If you wish you can put the shaker-box as a reminder on the refrigerator. A suitable message I think!

Never forget to enjoy every moment!!!!!
Hugs, Monica =)

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  1. Men åhhh vilka fina shakerboxalster ni har gjort


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