lördag 19 februari 2011

Project of the Week - Flower decorations

The theme of the week is, as the heading states;  flower decorations!
And that was a theme that we all interpreted very differently... :)

Let's start with Benita who made a sort of gift basket for some crocuses. She has used the stamp called "Gladiolus".

Let's move on to MiaT. For her seed box she's used "Vilma vattnar" and the sentiment "Love grows".

Next in line is Bing. She and a friend was making cement pots, and she decorated one of them with an easter stamp ("hen- and chicken race") and then used chicken wire to complete the look.

Nettan took the words literally and made a flower decoration. She also went with the easter feeling and used "Vera on a broomstick" and the sentiment "Glad Påsk" (which means "Happy Easter in swedish").

And that leaves me, San. I made a pot girdle and I used a whole bunch of stamps. Well, three anyway... I used "Blomsterkrans", "Blomma med spröt" and the sentiment "Du gör mig glad" ("You make me happy" in swedish).

I hope you have enjoyed our work! We love to hear your thoughts so leave comments!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oj vá mycket fint ni gjort!! Så kul att ni hade ruskigt olika tolkningar på samma tema =)
    Massa vår-inspiration!!!

    Kram, Monica

  2. Häftigt Bing gillade din cementkruka. Kram


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