lördag 26 februari 2011

Project of the week

 Saturday and time for project of the week!! This time we wanted to inspire you to make something special for your easter dinner table with a few different decorations for it!

 First out is my (Pysselgalen) project, I decided to make placingcards I made them a little bigger than usual and also doubblefolded so you can have the menu on the inside. The stamps I used are called Påskkycklingar på ägg and Påskägg med fjädrar och rosett

Then we have Jaana and she made this gorgeous little napkinring that she put Påskkycklingen Pim/Liten on and also used  the stamp Påsktuppen Herbert to decorate the candleholders for the tables

 Bili made little pyramids which you can use to either decorate the center of the table with, or to hide something under, maybe a little piece of dessert :) On those pyramids she stamped Påskkycklingen Pim/Liten  With that she also made napkinholders/eggcup and decorated them with Påsktuppen Herbert.

Teolinda is decorating her table with this beautiful little napkin holder, she has used the stamps Påskhönan Agda balanserar på ägg and Påskägg i gräset.

Last we have Elke. She made a little placing card  and a cute little basket/box to put sweets in or whatever else you might find fit in it :) The stamp she has used is  Påskklycklingen Pim. The eggs and the flowers on the basket/box is a freebie that one of our designteam members (San) have drawn and put on her blog. You can fin them here.

This is all I hope it made you in the easter decorating mood ;)

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think! :)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Love Pysselgalen

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  1. Så mycket fint!! Gulliga stämpelmotiv :D Tack för inspirationen!


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