tisdag 1 februari 2011

Tuesday-Tips - Tutorial for a "Shadow box card"

Hello everyone and welcome to our first ever Tuesday-Tips! I'm plunging in head first with this tutorial I made for a "shadow box card". If you don't know what it is, it looks like this:

Here we go, pictures on top and captions below, ok?
1. First I cut out the pieces that I would need. I made two pieces of  cardstock 15x12cm (yep, we use the metric system, but it's not too hard to translate into inches, and it's really not that fussy, the main thing is that the two pieces are the same size), two pieces of another colour cardstock 11,5x11,5cm and two pieces of designer paper 11x11cm. I cut out my image to be 11,5x11,5cm too.

2. I take the bigger pieces and mark at 1, 1½, 13½ and 14cm. Then I fold along the markings to end up with edges looking like...

3. ...this! One mountain fold and one valley fold on both sides. You should have a square to fasten the other papers on now. Next!

4. See? Like this. So trime the edges, chalk them, tear them, whatever you usually do. Personally I have a thing for drawn stitches at the moment...

5. Flip one of the pieces over and glue the image into place on the inside. This piece will make out the back of your card.

6. Make a hole! You will want to see your image, right? Some might want to do this before they glue all the pieces of paper together. Personally I prefer to do it afterwards because then I know that they will end up in the same place.

7. Decorate. It's much, much easier to do before you put the card together. (You can find the sentiment here in the shop.)

8. No, it's not the same image as before, this one has doublesided tape on the end flaps.

9. Put the front and the back together and voila! You have made a Shadow Box Card!

You can also decorate the back further. I made a tag for someone to write on and I used this tag for a template.
I do hope you found this article inspiring. Next week it will be Bibbi who will have a tip for you all!


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  1. Jätteläckert! måste testa detta...såklart! = )
    Tack för inspirationen!

  2. Tusinde tak for den spændene tutorial..
    Den må afprøves en dag :)


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