onsdag 4 maj 2011

Enjoy life/Njut av livet

This is a birthdaycard for my mum. She's the sporty type and I think she needs a reminder from time to time that life's supposed to be good and not just healthy =)
To be true my mum is quite good at combining the two!
As you can see I've used the lovely Vera i badtunna. In the background you find Grattisbakgrund. To make the bubbels look more bubbly I've used some Puffy Velvet and a heatgun. Also I have to confess that I'm totally in love with my Donut-tape =)
On the inside I made a pocket for some tickets and used Hipp hipp hurra.
My plan was to put Ett stort grattis on the pocket but I couldn't find it....one of my special skills is to mislay things =)
Hugs, Monica

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