lördag 28 maj 2011

Project of the week

Hi there again!

Today we have a brand new project for you. This week’s project is wall decorations, so in other words a picture frame, maybe a door sign or whatever else you can think of that you can hang on the wall. Here is what the designteam has come up with:

Made a sign for the bathroom door using the stamp gladiolus


She made a recessed window box and used the stamp baby pushchair.


She made three small pictures hanging under each other using the stamps Fia with cake, Gifts in a pile and Fia with heart balloon


 She also made a recessed frame with the stamp Door perfect for hanging just inside the front door or maybe on the front door :)

Madame Ink
And last out is me, I made a decoration using a picture of my daughter put it on a canvas frame and used two stamps on it, first I got use for the stamp of the week again text with rose and the second stamp is called Angel on cloud.

That was all we had for this week hope you found it inspiring.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on yesterday’s entry Stamp of the week for your chance to win it. You have until tomorrow morning to do it.

Lots of love

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