tisdag 17 maj 2011

Tuesday-tip: shrinking plastic

I LOVE using my stamps on shinking plastic. Today I'm going to show you how to use it.

Tutorial: shrinking plastic
 You need a fastdrying ink pad, shinking plastic, a heet gun and different stamps.

Start by choosing you stamp. I'm using the butterfly.

Stamp on the rough side of the shrinking plastic. It's allright, if you dont stamp perfektly, you'll need to trim the plastic before shrinking it.

You can color the stamp on the rough side, if you like. The color will be clearer after shrinking. I use my kids colorpencils to color it.

The colored stamp. Again it doesnt have to be perfekt, you cant se it in the end.

After stamping and coloring you cut them out. Very small parts will not shrink nice, so cut them of before shrinking. If you want a hole in the finished product, you have to make it now. And remember to make it large, it too will shrink.

 Start by heating you heatgun and then heat the plastic in one end. I use a wooden stick to hold the plastic in place.

Don't worry if the plastic lookes funny on the way. The plastic will flatten when the shrinking has finished.

My finished butterfly. 

A card I made using the little butterfly on top of the bow. The danish text is from this stamp set.

I hope you can understand and use my tutorial. I would love to se what you created, so please leave a link in the comment, and I will drop by and leave a comment.

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