torsdag 19 maj 2011

Maidens sista

Tänk att det redan gått TRE månader!! Helt otroligt vad tiden flyger iväg, det känns verkligen som att det var alldeles prexis nyss som jag skrev att det var mitt första inlägg... ;-)

Time flies when having fun! My three months with Stämpelkällan has come to an end and this is my last post.

I´ve made a birthdaycard for my mum! When I saw the stamp "Vera gungar" I immediate thought about my mum! :-) She´s a tuff lady who enjoys her life, it could almost be her sitting there in a swing with a glass of wine! :-) My moms favourite color is... Exactly; purple!

I´ve putted some stickles in the hair and in the eyes and also on the butterflies. The wine glass has some accent on.

I hope you've enjoyed what you have seen buy me, it has been soo much fun to have been a part of the amazing design team of Stämpelkällan! Take care! Lots of love, Maiden

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