söndag 15 maj 2011

New release... TOMORROW!!!

Hi all!
Guess if I've got news for you today? As you might have read before, some of us in the DT got together last week in Alingsås...
What we haven't told you is that a new release is coming up, and we got a sneak peak of the new stamps!

We got so spoiled when we were in Alingsås, you have no idea! We got to eat some of Anna's awardwinning (I'm not kidding) smoked salmon, scrumptious burgers, delicious bulgur salad, gazpacho and pitas filled with barbequed chicken... Mmmm, I'm drooling just thinking of the food we got!

Well, beeing constantly fed, our minds could keep focused on crafting! First a couple of pics showing us...!  It was almost a shame to be coped up in that cellar, as it was beautiful outside. Almost... :D
As you can see the room was stuffed with everything one might need.

And now I think you are quite anxious to see what we created with the new stamps? Have a look:
Bili created a couple of cards with some of the new sentiments. This one will also be available in english and says: Always yield to temptation, you might not get a second chance...

This one is also Bili's, the teddy is an old stamp, but again the sentiment is new. Says "Huuug on you" (doesn't translate very well, does it? Hmmm...) Let's take a look at the next one:

Ah yes, Tesa made a striking, yet very simple card using the new "Congrats" stamp in different colours.
Tesa also made this little giftbag with the little baby with his toys all around him...

This one is Jaana's. She used the new birds for a christmas card! Not what I had in mind for the birds, but it's so much fun to see the stamps beeing used for so many different occasions.

Madame Ink inked up one of the new VaVaVoom-ladies... (Imagine trumpets, trombones and saxophones playing in the background here... :D) She also used the new sentiment stamp.

And then Bili kept on creating as she went home:

Well, have we whetted your appetite for the new stamps? These were far from all of them though, so if you are curious about them, pop into the shop tomorrow, monday the 16th!

And as an extra treat Anna and Annika, our lovely bosses;
are going to give one person that places an order during the next week,
the whole order for free!
Do you really wan't to miss a chance like that?

Don't forget... Tomorrow! 

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