lördag 14 maj 2011

Veckans projekt: tea- box

Hello again!
Our "project of the week" is a tea-box to keep your teabags in. You can use it as a nice storage at the table.
But first a reminder: don't forget to leave a comment at "stamp of the week"!! The publishing was very late due to technical problems.
Now I bet you're curious to see what we made =) And please feel free to leave us a comment: we love to hear from you! I also have a small wish -if you have a special projekt you'd like to see, please tell us!

Oh well, enough talking and back to the tea-boxes!

The first one is made by Elli. She found a very nice and suitable text at the internet. (what did we do before google?!!)

On the top she used Tre blommor med swirls, the bigger one.

Pippin has worked with pastel colours. The text on the front, Njut av varje ögonblick, is just perfect for a tea-box I think!

Here comes Maiden: romantic red but with an attitude!

On the top she has embossed Ängel med pilbåge.

Tesa, who supplied us with the instruction for the box, has made a light blue one.

On the top she's used Duva, Blomma med spröt/mindre and lots of glitter!

Here comes the box Bic made. She's made her own backgroundpaper with the help of Prästkrage 1. I think that's a brilliant idea, what about you?

Christinas box is also light blue. She used the same text as Pippin, Njut av varje ögonblick, but put it on the Tag med swirlar!

On the side she put Hörne, swirl and added a small butterfly.

The last tea-box is from me, Monica =), and mine is green. Around all papers I used Swirl med blomman åt höger and in front you find Ludde med skylt.

We all wish you a sunny and relaxing weekend!!

Hello again!!
I left a link to Tesas description as an answer among the comments, but perhaps all of you don't look for it there.
HERE you'll find it =) Happy crafting!!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Askarna är ju bara sååååå snygga

  2. Supersnygga tepåsarhållare, finns det någon mall och vart hittade ni den?

    MVH Johanna

  3. Så många vackra teboxar!! Måste försöka mig på att göra en, jag som dricker så mycket te :D

  4. Hej på er!!
    Så kul att ni gillar våra lådor =)

    Här hittar ni Tesas beskrivning:

    Lämna gärna länk om ni provar att göra en låda!

    Kram, Monica =)

  5. o vilka underbara!!! ja vill göra!!!


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